Tuesday, May 12, 2009

yep, still exhausted

Last week I finally felt like I was coming out of the newborn baby fog I've been in since bringing Holly home, but it seems to be back with full force. For a week she was sleeping for 3 hour stretches at night which meant I could sleep for 3 hour stretches at night too... in the last week though she has gotten REALLY good at getting out of her swaddle about an hour into her sleep, which means she is up way too often, which means I'm back to getting very little sleep :( I guess I shouldn't have been so optimistic about things getting better. It doesn't seem to matter what I swaddle her in, she manages to wiggle her arms out. We even have the miracle blanket but the problem with that is that it takes so long to put her in it that she ends up waking back up by the time she's totally swaddled and I have to start the process of getting her to sleep all over again.

She's also translated her no sleeping at night to no sleeping during the day as well- so I have to choose between shower, food or sleep in the 45 mins- an hour that she naps for at a time. I can't wait for her to get out of this newborn stage- it is sooooo not fun.

Enough bitching about that- how about some good things :)

1. The weather is finally nice- the rain seems to have finally gone. I think it rained every day for 2 weeks straight. The weather did not help the adjustment home with Holly, but now that it's nice out I hope we can take advantage of weather by taking some walks. I even managed to take Holly to the grocery store and Starbucks on Friday. I was surprised that I was physically able to walk all the way there and back without collapsing in exhaustion.

2. I can wear some of my pre-pregnancy clothes! Not all of them and some of my pants are still a little tight around the middle, but my stretchier pants definitely fit. Although with all the spitting up Holly does during the day I sometimes wonder why I even bother to get dressed in the morning.

3. I'm within about 5 lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight! Granted I gained less than 30 lbs during the pregnancy anyway and somehow about 18 lbs disappeared by the time I was home from the hospital, but still. Unfortunately I have a saggy tummy that I am not happy with at all- and my butt seems to have disappeared- no idea where the hell that went! I just can't wait to be able to go back to the gym.

4. I think we found daycare. There's a French woman in our neighborhood who watches children and we met with her yesterday. When I first spoke with her she said she didn't do part time, but she's since changed her mind. So I think we can have her watch Holly for 3 days a week. My mom and S's mom will watch Holly the other 2 days during the week. That will help us save a ton of money on childcare. I just need to talk to her references this week. I will be soooo glad to have that piece taken care of. I'm not 100% sold on this woman though- not because I don't think she's qualified, but I think it's because she's French and comes off as French- which sounds silly to say. But what I mean is that she's not very warm and fuzzy- at least not with adults. That's one thing I want to ask her references about. I have to assume she's doing something right with the kids she cares for, given 2 of the 3 references have been sending their child to her for 2+ years.

And now I will leave you with some pictures:
Holly and her daddy having a screaming contest-

Chance stealing Holly's boppy-

Chance- being pathetic... When he wants food and his bowl is empty he usually digs around the bowl and moves it around so that we hear him and give him food. This time he just collapsed by his bowls. Poor pup!

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  1. I wasn't a fan of the newborn stage either - it's super hard and you're so right that there's no understanding the sleep deprivation till you experience it. It DOES get better ... you just have to hang in for these first few months! On the positive side, she is beautiful!! She looks like a perfect combo of you two.