Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Exhaustion and burping

What I wouldn't give for 8 or 6 or even 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep! (well obviously I wouldn't give up the babe, but you know what I mean). I know people always say to get sleep while you can- before the baby comes, but until you experience it, you just don't get it. At least I didn't. And honestly sleeping pre-baby wouldn't have helped anyway. So I guess I'll just be sleep deprived for the next .... umm I don't know how long- until it's ok to let H sleep through the night. She is actually a really good sleeper, and I know if I let her I could get a good 4 hour nap in if I needed too, but she's still too young and too little for that. I'm hoping that she'll be back up to her birthweight when we go to the drs tomorrow and that I can start pumping soon so S can give her a bottle now and then to let me get a little more sleep.

We spent 2+ hrs at the orthopedist today to get her frog leg looked at. The leg actually looks totally normal now- her left foot still doesn't straighten on its own though. Poor girl had to have x-rays of her leg, ankle and hip- and she hated it :( But the good news is that her "condition" is totally positional and will fix itself over the coming months. There's no bowing of her leg bones- which can sometimes happen, so that's good too. The one thing we will have to continue monitoring is her left hip b/c apparently breech babies can develop hip dysplasia. So she'll have to go back in 3 1/2 months to check her hip again. Hopefully nothing will develop with her hip. Considering I was breech as well and my hips are perfectly fine, I think H will be ok.

Things I suck at- burping the baby. Who knew it would be so difficult? For some reason I can never get her to burp after I feed her- but as soon as S touches her she belches- it's so frustrating. I know that when I don't get a burp out of her and I keep feeding her she ends up spitting up and then all that feeding was for nothing. So I end up spending a good chunk of her feeding time trying to get her to burp- and it sucks. I've tried the sitting on my knee position, the against the shoulder position and the over the shoulder position- none of them with great success.... so if anyone has any miracle burp position, please share with me! It would make feeding her go so much faster.

Off to catch a quick snooze before I have to feed her again- I feel like a cow :(


  1. My miracle burp position was the same as yours... in Daddy's arms. Glad the leg is A-OK. Hang in... this time will be long gone before you can even believe it!

  2. Sigh. To be a new mom of a newborn again. I had all the same feelings. :) Ditto Kelly. It will be long gone before you know it. You'll soon be struggling to get her to sit not stand in a shopping cart.