Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apparently I'm pretty funny looking

So for the past couple of weeks Holly has started making laughing type sounds- she's definitely been trying to laugh at things. Mostly she laughs when I swing her through the air really quickly. Either she enjoys being swung around or she is laughing out of relief when I stop- haven't figured that one out yet. But today I was just looking at her and she burst out laughing- it was the cutest thing ever!

Today is our anniversary- 5 years. We'll have a pretty normal night tonight, although we're going to the weekly stroller happy hour at one of the neighborhood restaurants and then we'll do something just the two of us this weekend. I'm really looking forward to some alone time with S that doesn't take place inside our apartment. As much as I love Holly, I really miss when things were just the two of us...

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