Thursday, August 13, 2009

where is my baby?

She's napping in her crib! Holly has not successfully napped in her crib since she was a month old. She has taken all her naps since then on me, someone else or her swing. This has made for very unproductive, boring and lonely days for me. I picked up Baby Whisperer yesterday on a whim (hadn't looked at it in awhile, since the last time I tried to use the suggestions, unsuccessfully) and decided that since Holly is starting day care in less than a month we have to do something about her not napping in her crib. I'm pretty sure the day care people will not be as patient as I, walking her around and around until she falls asleep. So I read up on naps and how to put her to bed (at night and for naps) without the use of props- walking, the boob, etc. So far I've gotten her to take 2 naps in her crib today using the pickup/putdown method. I'm impressed. The first nap only lasted for about 45 mins and she fussed for about 5-10 mins after her nap. She's been asleep for almost an hour and half now, with a little bit of fussing at the 45 min mark. Remarkably she was able to put herself back to sleep in the middle of the nap. I do feel bad though b/c she cries a lot when I first put her down. The strategy is to put them in the crib, when/if they start crying, you pick them up, soothe and as soon as they stop crying, you put them back down in the crib. If they start crying again, pick them up and repeat. She cried on and off for about 20 mins the first time this morning and then for maybe 12 minutes for the second nap. I'm not used to hearing Holly cry- she's a fusser, but not really a crier, so it's been a bit hard on my this morning, but it's working.

Tomorrow she'll be 4 months old! I'll post some pics at somepoint in her new Holly outfit.

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