Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I don't know where the time has gone. Umm, I have 30 days left- how did we get here already? Baby is still breech. I've had an ultrasound every week for the past 3 weeks just to confirm her position. Apparently she keeps confusing the doctor b/c every time he feels her he thinks she has turned and so we head to the ultrasound room, only to find, yet again, a head up baby.

Last week I got to go to the good office for the ultrasound. She weighed 5lbs 3oz last Friday, which is right on track. She's got her head up near my ribs and for some reason she LOVES to put her legs/arms/hands whatever she can up in front of her face. It made it hard for the ultrasound tech to get a good 3-d pic of the baby- that plus apparently I have an anterior placenta, and the cord was up in front of her face... but I did get to see a 3-d pic of baby and I got one good printout of her face in 3-d. S came home and started cooing over how cute her nose is!

I think the baby is finally becoming real for him. He seems to be doing or trying to do more for me. Maybe it's because I am constantly complaining of being so uncomfortable. Between the sore pelvis, sore back, occasionally sore neck, groaning when I get up- I sound like an 80 year old with arthritis. The other sign that S is really starting to get ready for the baby is that yesterday he was trying to find a matching hat for the baby's coming home outfit- if you know S you know that he does care about how he looks, although in the last few years he has become less of a metrosexual. So it's no surprise that he is sort of into her clothes- the ocd part of him also wants to organize her drawers NOW. I'm happy that S is finally starting to be more of a partner in this whole baby thing- not that he wasn't before, but for awhile it just seemed like I was going through a lot of changes, etc without him and he just didn't know how to relate. He also seems to have gotten over his phobia of feeling the baby move. He doesn't pull his hand away as soon as she starts squirming and say ewww!

At our birth class this week the instructor gave us a suggestion for trying to get the baby to turn. Apparently if you lie on an incline, head down (like those inclines at the gym) and put something cold near the top of the belly and have something warm at the bottom of the belly so that the baby goes to the warm area, you can get a breech baby to turn. So given that I don't see myself going to the gym to try this experiment, we're supposed to use an ironing board propped up on our couch. I have no idea how an ironing board is supposed to hold my weight, but I'm not opposed to trying it. The instructor swears by it- my doctor did not seem impressed by the idea, but he said there was no harm in trying.

Upon hearing that I'm scheduled for a c-section my mom freaked out. I guess the thought of me having surgery to get this baby out does not sit well with her. I was breech until my mom went into labor and they I turned. And apparently my mom was breech too and eventually turned. Makes me think there's something genetic related to the baby's position.

Anyway, we're off to IKEA today to get curtains, organizers and a shelf for the baby's room. The fabric that I ordered for the crib skirt came this week, so I can start- or get my mom to start- make the skirt. I'm hoping that I can get everything in the room set up over spring break in 2 weeks. In the meantime I have one week of school left before break where I'm training my long term sub. Then I have my shower and a week of before break. I'll go back to school for one week and then be done- I can't wait! As much as I really like the group of kids I have this year, I'm ready for a break from them. I just hope my long term sub does well with them.

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  1. Mark was freaked out by Lila's moving all along. He never stopped saying GROSS! What is up with these military types? So excited to see you this weekend. I can't believe how fast the time seemed to go... although it probably doesn't feel that way to you.