Friday, March 6, 2009

Ugghh. She's breech- which I kind of figured since I usually feel jabs in my lower abdomen and rolls in the upper abdomen. So c-section is scheduled for 4/18. We may or may not need it. She still has a good 6 weeks to turn, but the dr said there's only a 25-30% chance that she will turn, so odds are she won't. Surprisingly I'm ok with it. If I have to have a c section then so be it.

In other news it is BEAUTIFUL here today- upper 60s! Supposed to be in the low 70s this weekend. I love the spring! I just hope this weather stays put.


  1. If you go swimming and do a handstand in the pool, apparently that makes the baby flip. One of my blogging friends was having a homebirth and was really obsessed with flipping her recent baby, and it worked.

    If you are trying to avoid the c/s, maybe that is something to look up - the blog is linked on my page - "small things w/ great joy".

  2. Hi Emily,
    I just saw your comment over on my blog. The online program is through Nova Southeastern in Florida. I'm earning my Masters of Art in Teaching and Learning- Elementary Math. There are 3 other concentrations besides math. It's a legit program (I researched it before applying), verrrrry affordable and fairly manageable workwise. Overall I've been really happy with the program. If you have any questions, please ask :)