Monday, April 6, 2009


I feel like I'm playing hookie today. I should be at school right now teaching math... instead I am on bed rest and am watching Saved by the Bell- it's one of those weird eps that Kelly and Jessi are mysteriously not in. If anyone knows the SBTB back story of where they are in these eps and where motorcycle chick came from, please enlighten me.

3 days left... my mom and sister went out this weekend and bought us a ton of stuff we still needed- not essentials but things we'd have to get eventually like the stroller/carseat adapter. We still need our mattress! Stupid store never called me back on Sat and they're not open Sundays. So I'll be calling today to harass them. Thanks for the offer Rachel- we'll use my parent's pack n play for the first few days if it doesn't get here by the time baby comes home from the hospital.

So here's the schedule this week- tomorrow I have another ultrasound- not to measure the baby's weight, but to check the flow of blood from the placenta and make sure that still looks ok. If it doesn't look good I don't know what that will mean- that they'll do an emergency c section? Who knows. I almost would like them to do a weight estimate b/c maybe this time it will show that she's not a mini person, but is closer to a "normal" weight, but the dr said it was pointless to do another one within a week of the last one. Then I have an appt with the Dr on Wednesday. I'm assuming to hook me up to the fetal monitor again, but I'm not sure. It sounds like it will be a quick appointment. Then I have to pop into the hospital to get my blood drawn for the surgery on Thursday. Wednesday is going to be a long day...

We go into the hospital at 7 am on Thursday. They'll hook me up to an iv to get me rehydrated since I'm not allowed to eat/drink after midnight on Wednesday. Surgery is scheduled for 9/9:30 on Thursday- so if you happen to think of me and S at 9 on Thursday morning please send us good baby thoughts!

Then if all goes well we'll be home on Sunday- or at least the baby and I will. S is planning on coming home at some point during the 4 days I'm in the hospital to get some sleep and rest up. I hate that I'll have such limited mobility once the baby comes home :(

I'm sure I'll post again before the surgery with appointment updates.


  1. Google reveals:

    When Kelly and Jessie (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley) left the show to pursue their own interests, the producers of SBTB pretty much attempted to "pull the wool over our eyes" by offering NO EXPLANATION for Kelly and Jessie's absence. The only mention of Kelly and Jessie we get is when Zack "talks to them on the phone" during the episode where he takes a day off of school and reminisces about the greatest summer of his life at Malibu Sands.

    Otherwise, it's assumed that "Kelly and Jessie" were at Bayside the entire time that Tori was there, they were always just "off camera". Once the Tori episodes were finished airing, the producers showed the "final" graduation episode with Kelly and Jessie included (because it was already filmed when the two were still part of the cast).

    For more information, feel free to visit the following site:

  2. I'll be thinking good thoughts on Thursday. Call if you need anything - I can be on the next train/plane down. Love you, m.

  3. Sounds like a busy week...try to enjoy the brainlessness of SBTB!

    Will definitely be thinking of you guys this week - I'm sure it will go both super fast and super slow. It's amazing how time does that.

    Can you get some good movies to pass your bedrest time? Or watch...LOST? Apparently LOST is a great timesink and very addictive, although I've never watched it...?

  4. Hey Em,

    I was wondering how you guys are doing so just got caught up on your blog. I'm sorry to hear about the concerns with baby ... I hope you're not worrying too much and I will be thinking of you tomorrow! Can't wait to hear what you've named her and see pics!