Friday, June 12, 2009

It has taken Holly 2 months to finally take a pacifier. She finally sucked on the one we brought home from the hospital for more than a second yesterday and I've been sticking it in her mouth every chance I get. Does that make me a horrible mom? Up until this point the moment she got fussy I had to pick her up and walk her around or bounce her on my shoulder. Now I can just stick the pacifier in and actually use both hands to do things now- like type... this could be bad :(

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  1. It makes you human. If the pacifier soothes her then go for it. Better than using your boob! Seriously, Lila for a long time needed to suck to soothe herself but gradually needed it less and less. Now it doesn't leave the crib and I don't necessarily give it to her at night, but she has usually found it and put it in when I get her in the A.M. At some point, it will "disappear." As long as she doesn't bring it to the prom with her!