Monday, June 29, 2009

She's got legs...

and she knows how to use them to wake herself up. It drives me crazy! So here's our night time routine. Bath around 7/7:15. Swaddle and last feed at 7:30. She'll eat for about 15 or so minutes and then I have to keep her upright on my shoulder for 30 minutes before I can put her down otherwise she spits up. Then b/c she's not quite asleep I have to stand over her in her crib with one hand on her legs to keep them from waking her up! She'll be perfectly quiet on my shoulder and then when I lay her in her crib the jolts start- she'll kick her legs up or give a shudder when she starts falling into a deep sleep. So that adds about another 20-30 minutes before she's finally asleep. I need a swaddle for her legs- any suggestions? I'm pretty cure duct taping her legs to the crib is not ok ;)

Holly has started to notice the dogs- well Natty at least. That's probably b/c Natty has no qualms about getting in Holly's face. It's kind of cute the way Holly will watch Natty- I wish I knew what she was thinking...

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  1. I still swaddle Avaleigh! I just get bigger and bigger blankets or make them, it is easier that way. I know what you mean about holding the hand on her too. Too funny. Same here. But i just wrap her up and we give her a paci too. That helps.