Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ta Da!

Presenting our almost finished nursery!

Before pics:

After pics:
The computer will be moved soon...

The last pic is of the knobs on dresser and the color I'm going to base curtain fabric and crib skirt fabric on so that the room is not all blue, beige and gray!

What do you think? S and I are both very impressed with our work. I personally love it! So things we still need to do, or things I still need to do: decide on fabrics for curtains, crib skirt, chair recover and trunk cover. We're keeping S's trunk in the room as a makeshift bench b/c there's no other place for it. I think we'll also keep our filing cart in there too- I'll probably get fabric to cover that too and put it next to the crib in that awkward corner.

I want to get a table or hanging lamp for the corner where we'll put the chair- where the computer is right now. I'm debating getting Japanese paper lanterns or a table lamp. We need to get a shelf or bookcase of some kind to put next to the dresser to hold diapers and supplies. We also need to figure out what to put on that beige wall behind the dresser. We're getting there! I can't wait till all the accessories are in and all we need is the baby!

Hope you are all having a great Valentine's Day- or if you're Meg, a great birthday! S and I will be hanging out on the couch, eating Z burger, and watching this week's Lost. What a romantic night!


  1. Nice work! I love the decal!! Our baby will be living in our closet - literally - so I have to live vicariously through cute nursery pictures! :) I love the dresser handle, too.

  2. Wait - I'm curious - where did the dog crate go? We ditched ours about a year ago and it has been awesome (ours was the size of a small room because our dog is the size of a horse) but I've been thinking recently it might be a good idea to bring it back...

  3. dog crate is currently in the dining room- not its permanent home. once we finish the nursery we'll have some space in our room to put chance's crate. so he'll be in his crate in our room- we just have to figure out what we'll do with natty. she doesn't need to be crated- nor do we have one for her- but she also can't have the run of the apt b/c it would drive chance crazy. we need a bigger house!

  4. Em-
    I love the transformation!! It looks beautiful! I am sure baby T will be very excited to have such a cool room!!