Friday, February 13, 2009


I have not been sick this whole pregnancy- from colds, etc. I usually get a cold within the first 2 weeks of school and then again right around the holidays. Somehow I managed to avoid getting one- until now. Yuck. I hate colds. I guess I've let my guard down and haven't been using enough purell or washing my hands frequently. I feel like crap.

S's surgery went well yesterday. He did not actually ride his bike to the hospital. I did in fact drive him to and from. Luckily they were able to get rid of the mucuscele. So now he just has to wait up to 6 weeks for his breathing to improve. The dr also fixed his slight deviated septum. So he should be all better soon. But between the two of us, we are pretty pathetic right now :(

Nursery news! Our Flor tiles arrived yesterday! Yay! They are not the softest thing in the world, but I think they'll do their job and serve as a buffer between our apt and the one beneath. So once S's nose stops pouring out blood, we'll put the tiles down. And in even better news our crib arrived at Buy Buy Baby this week! It's at least 3 weeks early! I'm soooo excited! I'll probably drive up tomorrow to get it so that we can set it up this weekend and then we can also put up our decal. So that's why I haven't put up pics yet- I'm waiting till we have the crib. I will post pics early next week!

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  1. Looks very relaxing and soothing and perfect! Before you know it....