Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I passed the 3 hour glucose test that I took on Friday! Whew- glad that is over with. Drinking the orange stuff the first time wasn't bad, but for some reason it tasted incredibly sweet the 2nd time I had to drink it. Yuck! So no gestational diabetes for me. Instead after thinking I might be in the clear with swelling, I've discovered that I'm starting to puff up. You would think I would have learned my lesson after feeling smug about not experiencing those other symptoms and then getting hit hard core, but no, apparently I can't gloat about not being swollen anymore either.

We finally painted over the weekend, well S and his dad did most of the work. The blue turned out well. The tan is a little lighter than I wanted, but it's fine. So tonight we are doing some touch up work and then maybe putting the decal up. I also ordered the rug and it's been shipped. Slowly the pieces are coming together! I also found some fabric that I love! Google Amy Butler and you can see some of her designs. I want to get some fabric to make a crib skirt and curtains and maybe a couple of other projects. Her fabrics are so fun- not little kiddish at all.

I'll post pics tonight if we get the decal up. If not I'll post pics as soon as we do.

Oh, and I need to revise a statement I made in an earlier post regarding S being a whiny patient. Apparently, I am told, S will not be a whiny patient. He has informed me that he plans on riding his bike to and from the hospital because he does not need my help at all. So I take back what I wrote before ;)


  1. Woo hoo! Congrats on passing your glucose test!! I really like the stuff on Amy Butler's website. I googled it after you mentioned it.

    Wait, so S is going to ride his BIKE to and from surgery?!? That might really not work. Is it really surgery? Because D had surgery last year and it was pretty minor, but there is NO WAY in hell he would be able to commandeer any sort of vehicle afterward. In fact, I had to convince him that he wanted to leave the hospital's recovery room. S might want to rethink the whole bike thing...

    Just sayin'. Good luck!

  2. Ha ha! No, he didn't really ride his bike to/from surgery- he was definitely not in any state to do so when I brought him home- the whole blood gushing from his head thing would not have made for a pleasant ride. So he's at home today recovering.