Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blogging at school...

Blogging at school? Is this a good idea? We'll see. I think I've gotten Rachel's procrastination bug. I SHOULD be working on report cards as they are due mid-January and I don't get my kids today until 10:15, but I really don't want to think about my kids anymore. I am sooooo ready for winter break. We just had our Bird Festival yesterday which is our culminating event for the semester. The kids researched birds, wrote reports, made dioramas, and preformed a bird dance- ahhh the life of a 4th grader. Yesterday was also schmooze with parents day, as they were invited to our Bird Festival too. I'm just glad it's over with.

Things I need to do:

1. Buy Christmas presents. I have not bought one single present. Every year I always say I'm not going to leave shopping until the last minute, and every year I leave shopping until the last minute. But this year I have an excuse- does being pregnant work? I don't like Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving, but clearly I need to readjust my thinking as the 3 weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas just aren't enough time. The first weekend in December I had vertigo (thanks a lot baby T). It was a horrible, miserable weekend. The only thing we managed to get done was some preliminary baby registering - where S decided he had to have the Quinny Buzz stroller (a $600 stroller). Luckily the vertigo didn't hit until we got home from registering Saturday night. Then last weekend we had to go to PA for Gram's 96th birthday. So that leaves this weekend- and I am exhausted from school and we are going to a Cap's game tonight, which means I will be exhausted tomorrow and in no mood to shop on a Friday afternoon.

2. Take a belly shot (fully clothed, don't worry, I will not subject anyone to my pregnant nakedness or partial nakedness). I have not taken a single pic of me pregnant yet- although technically I was pregnant when we took the pics at the Shore this summer- but that doesn't really count because we didn't know yet. I think it's always weird seeing pics of friends who are pregnant, especially if I haven't seen them their entire pregnancy and all of a sudden they have a baby bump.

3. Sell our sleeper sofa on craigslist so that we can start prepping the nursery. We bought it a year ago b/c my sister stole our extra bed and we had a crap futon in S's man room . While it's not the most comfy thing in the world (meg and tucker can attest to that) I do like how it looks and Chance loves it. But there's just no room in our apt for it, so I hope we can make a couple hundred off of it, although that might be ambitious. We'll see.

4. Write Christmas cards! Yet another holiday related activity that I have not started yet. I seem to be in the midst of pregnancy brain where I forget to do EVERYTHING that I think about earlier in the day. I really should keep a list of things to do, but I always forget to start that list. I guess I can refer to this entry now.

Ok I think that's sufficient for today. If I'm bored later on this morning I may be back with another entry.


  1. You have pregnant pics at my wedding :) No belly pics, but pregnant all the same! I gave up the idea of Christmas cards this year ... I feel like I just finished thank you cards. Between the save the dates, invitations and an assortment of thank you cards for engagement party, shower and wedding - I'm done sending things to people this year. How does S feel about having to give up the "man room"?

  2. That's right! I totally forgot about that- see pregnant brain...

  3. MANTOWN! We have mantown, too, but it's a crappy closet (filled with manly tools and annoying "useful" (not so much) things). DB gets the SHAFT. He would be in heaven if he could have a sofa bed in mantown.

    You really do need to take a baby bump pic.

    I really do need to start this paper.

    Welcome to blogcrastination! I just made that up, but I think it's appropriate.