Sunday, December 21, 2008


So that's our crib. Well it's not ours yet, but it's the one we want. It's AP Industries- Lollipop. We like it in white. We both wanted to go for something more sleek/modern looking, but we're not going to shell out $500+ for a crib. I did really like the modern cribs at Walmart, but having never bought anything from Walmart, I was not going to start now. AP Industries gets good marks in Baby Bargains, so I feel good about that too.

Our landlords are letting us paint the bedroom. So we're thinking some kind of blue (yes, i know we're having a girl) for the wall behind the crib and then a sand/beige color on the rest of the walls. I bought the cutest wall decal from Etsy the other day. We're going to put it on the blue wall behind the crib.

I like the look of the white decal against a blue background like the picture, so I'm hoping the nursery will look similar to the picture when we do the paint.

Now we just need to get a dresser and a rug for the nursery- and all the cute accessories. I like this dresser from Ikea. I just have to check to see if it's deep enough to double as a changing table. If it's as deep as the taller versions, then it will be fine.

S has the larger dresser in a more natural wood color, so I'm hoping it will look ok to have his and this one in the room together. Yes, S is keeping all his clothes in the nursery. There's just no other place for them to go- and when I suggested we move his dresser into our room he threw a fit! He did not like the idea of having half his clothes in our room and half in the nursery- so he's keeping all his clothes in the nursery- makes a lot of sense, right? I even offered to give up one of my closets so that at least he could move his work clothes into our room, but he wouldn't budge. I guess he's already given up a lot- his man room art/paraphanelia will be taken down over the next few months to make way for baby.

If anyone finds a cute 8*10 rug that is not ridiculously expensive, let me know. That's my next big mission!

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