Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finally made it to the mall yesterday, but it was exhausting. We started off by getting glasses for S. He has been wearing his military issue glasses- round and very ugly- for the past 2 years. Not only do they make him look like a big nerd, but the RX isn't even right anymore. So we took care of that errand first. Then we drove to Tyson's. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We found a parking space right away and the stores weren't super crowded. It was not the most productive shopping trip. I did get my sister some things. S got my mom and his bro some things. We made one loop around the mall and I was ready to come home. Walking the mall is way more tiring than teaching. At least when I teach I can find a chair to sit in! I'm going to try and go out today to get some things for my mom- maybe head up to Friendship Heights where I'm hoping it won't be as crowded. I really should just wait to go out until tomorrow when public school kids are still in school, but I'm feeling anxious about getting everything done now.

So this year's Christmas is going to be different from the ones in the past. As with Thanksgiving, we usually end up having 2 Christmases on the same day- one at the Ts and one at the Ys. But this year S's bro has to work Christmas night, so he's coming up on Tuesday (mom and dad T are driving down to get him b/c he STILL does not have a license after losing it a few years ago for making some bad decisions while driving). Anyway he'll be up Tuesday- Thursday. S's parents are driving him back down on Christmas day. So we're doing Christmas at the T household Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. Which means we get to spend all of Christmas day with my family! Yay! I'm so excited about that. It's so much more calm and relaxing at my parents' house.

Here are the reasons I'm not a fan of holidays at the T household:
1) They have cats- 2 of them. They used to have 3, but one died. I am allergic to cats and now that I'm not taking any allergy meds b/c of the baby, my allergies are a lot worse. I can make it about an hour and then I start sneezing and feeling crappy. Plus they have carpeting everywhere so it makes my allergies that much worse (it's why I'm not really bothered by my parents' cat- they had hardwood floors).
2) You never know what kind of mood S's mom will be in. Sometimes she's great, very pleasant and nice to be around. But other times she can be in a mood. While she doesn't take it out on me, she does vent to S, which in turn makes him upset.

There are some things I do like about going to the T's for holidays.
1) S's mom is a good cook- I like what she makes for Thanksgiving and Christmas- her ham biscuits are sooooo good. I look forward to that ever year.
2) The T's are very generous gift givers. While I don't get as many things as the boys, I do get some very generous gift cards and things from the Ts. And, I know, Christmas is not about the schwag you get, but it's nice to be spoiled once in awhile. I'm hoping we get some baby things this year. Since we're trying to declutter the apt as much as we can, I've asked for baby things this year instead of things for me. I don't really need anything anyway. Clothes are out this year and I don't want things that will just clutter the apartment.

I still haven't written any Christmas cards yet- got to get on the ball!


  1. I'm guessing that S's mom does not know you have a blog? Otherwise I'm guessing you could count on some seriously decreased schwag! Where are you registering for the baby?! I want to start scoping and purchasing so I'm not stuck with all the leftovers by the time the shower rolls around!

  2. Ha! Nope and I hope she never does know! We've only registered at Buy Buy Baby so far but we haven't registered for a lot and I know it's not convenient for everyone. So I think we're also going to register at Babies R Us. Apparently S's mom bought a ton of stuff off our registry already! Plus she's planning on buying us the crib- according to S. So that means we need to rethink our stroller (yes, the $600 one that S talked me into). Because if we keep that on our list and get the carseat we want, but don't get the stroller we're screwed b/c the carseat only works with the expensive stroller. I'll keep you posted.