Monday, December 22, 2008


I think I'm done with Christmas shopping. I managed to get a lot done on Sunday and some today. No one was out yesterday so it was really easy to get shopping done. There were a lot more people out today though- too much traffic. Shopping has never exhausted me as much as it has this year- carrying this extra baby weight really wears me out. I'll be glad to sit on my butt all day tomorrow.

Our Christmas plans have changed again. S's brother is not coming up until Jan 3 now! So we're postponing Christmas with the T's until the new year. We will go out to dinner with mom and dad T Christmas Eve though. I feel bad that we're not doing anything Christmasy with them for a few weeks. But S says they're fine with it.

I also managed to get all my cards written last night and mailed this morning. Yay! I know it's late and a lot of the people who I sent cards to won't get them until after Christmas, but at least they'll get something from me!

So tomorrow is my parents' 40th anniversary. I can't believe they've been married that long. Forty years seems like a lot. And they've known each other for about 55 years! S and I won't have known each other that long until we're in our late 70s! I just hope 35 years from now S and I are just as happy then as we are now- and have a marriage that's as strong and long lasting as my parents'. I know I've been very lucky to have witnessed such a strong and happy marriage/partnership, and I can only hope Baby T and all her future siblings are just as lucky.

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  1. How could you not tell me about this blog?!?! I can't believe I had to find it on my own. Pregnancy is definitely and excuse to be behind at Christmas...and for next year...having a 7 mo old is definitely and excuse to be behind at Christmas. I want to see belly shots!!