Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crap- I think I jinxed myself

with that last post I mean. Guess what reared its ugly head yesterday- yep, heartburn. I better not write about any other pregnancy related ailments that I don't have because apparently that's a sure fire way to make sure I do have them. This sucks. So if anyone has any recs for pregnancy safe heartburn remedies, please send them my way!

Hormones are better. S and I had a good weekend and I think we are at a better place in terms of him being more aware of what is happening to me during this pregnancy. I thought about writing the word understanding in that last sentence, but I don't know if it's possible for men to really understand it all, or at least not S. So for now I'll just take comfort in knowing that he's aware that these next few months are going to be rocky and that my emotions might be all over the map. I think we're just not used to this kind of stress in our relationship- there's a lot we BOTH have to get used to and it's better that we start realizing that now and start working towards dealing with it now, rather than in 3 months when the baby is born.

Yes, that's right, I said 3 months- give or take. Crazy isn't it? Today I have 100 days left, tomorrow I will be in double digits. We still have a lot of baby stuff to do... a lot.

We'll get our first test run of caring for a baby this weekend- well 2 actually. My cousin, who just had twins this summer, is coming down to perform this weekend, and we are watching her twins Friday night. Luckily there will be 3 of us as my sister will be helping too. I'm sure it will lead to an interesting night which I will fill you in on later.

I am soooo looking forward to this weekend. We have an in service day on Friday - which for me will be a work from home day and then we have Monday AND Tuesday off- hello 5 day weekend! I CANNOT wait. Even though we've only been back to school for 2 weeks it feels a lot longer. I just hope I can get my reports done before this weekend so I can just relax. Speaking of reports I need to stop procrastinating and finish them up. S is at a Cap's game tonight so it's just me, the pups, and my dvred shows. What a night!

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