Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rug Update

Thanks for the reminder about FLOR tiles, Meg! I did think about them, but was under the impression that they were more expensive. There are definitely designs I like better, but they are too much- so here are the 2 options.


I do worry that the rug isn't very cushy, but at least it would provide some kind of sound barrier... and if the 8x10 is too small, I can just order the tiles separately and add on to cover more space. And yes, I am blogging during school hours. I am at school- on a day when I should be at home enjoying the snow. Yes, I am bitter.


  1. I like the first one; I'm partial to the stripes. I'm so excited I could actually be helpful - that rarely happens when it comes to homes, decorating or babies.

  2. I actually have these, but commercial ones by the same company, in my dinning room and in henry's room. they are super easy to use and easy to clean up if they get messed up. They are not that cushy, but cushier than your hard floors!