Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally- a purchase- nursery news

We bought the crib on Saturday- FINALLY. Of course it was on backorder- at first we were told 8-12 weeks, but then she changed it to 6-10 weeks. See, S, we should have ordered it a long time ago since we bought it without your mom anyway! Who is always right? That'd be me. If you forget which crib I wanted, there's a pic of it in an earlier post- the AP Industries Lollipop crib- in white. Of course now I am second guessing getting a white crib- maybe we should have gotten a dark brown color? I think I'll feel better about the color once we have it and the room is set up.

We moved the couch out this weekend and are slowly making progress. The only thing on the walls are some of S's things on "his" wall. He gets one wall in the room since he had to give up the room for the baby. It was the least I could do and since his dresser and clothes are staying in the room, it made sense to at least give him the wall.

I am having a hell of a time finding a rug at a decent price- and by decent price I mean something under $200. I don't want to pay more for a rug than our crib! But I'm thinking we may have to suck it up and get a carpet remnant to cover the entire floor in the nursery in stead of a area rug. Even though our downstairs neighbors' bedroom is under ours, I have a feeling they will still be able to hear the baby at night- so we're going to need to muffle the baby noises in the middle of the night and the only thing I can think of is to carpet the whole room. Ughhh that will not be good for my allergies, but I don't think we'll have a choice :(

Now the next step is to paint the nursery (S sd he was going to buy the paint this week) and we still need to move the computer out- into the dining room. That will look good.

So here's my most recent obsession- crib mattresses. To go organic or not? The authors of Baby Bargains recommend getting the Colgate Classic I - firm and well priced. They also say that there is no evidence that traditional cribs are bad for babies... however, I've come across some info that says otherwise. While I wouldn't necessarily shell out 2-3Xs as much for an organic mattress just b/c it's organic, I would spend that money for a mattress that is not coated in potentially toxic chemicals used to make it fire retardant. So this is the dilemma. I need to find some reputable sources- scientific studies or something along those lines -so if you happen to know of any... Yes, I know that once this baby is born I will have to not worry so much, and yes, I know that I can't worry about every little thing b/c I will go crazy. But if I can potentially prevent SIDS by buying a mattress that does not have nasty chemicals that might be a cause of SIDS, then how can I justify not spending that extra money? Peace of mind... that's what I'm buying with an organic mattress. Specifically I'm looking at the Naturepedic ones b/c they have natural fire retardants and not chemical ones. Not all organic mattresses are created equal- not all refrain from using the chemicals to make them fire retardant.

Once we get the room painted I'll post pics b/c it might be awhile before this crib gets here!

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  1. What about this for the carpets?

    Then you can shrink it down to area rug size once constant crying stops. Also, if there's a stain, spill etc. you can just replace one square!