Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So we sat for the twins last Friday night while my cousin and her husband performed. Oh my god am I glad I just have one baby inside me right now! As cute as they are, it is so much work watching 2 infants at the same time! It took all 3 of us to take care of them (S, my sister, and me). The twins are about 4.5-5 months old, so at least they can sort of entertain themselves in their jumper and play mat. But that only lasts so long. M, the girl, is a screamer- she will cry and cry and cry and nothing can soothe her. While P, the boy, is as chill as can be.

I was quite impressed with S's take charge attitude while we were there- I think he wanted to prove to me- or himself- that he could in fact take care of a baby. Honestly, feeding them was the hardest part. They are the messiest eaters. Baby food got everywhere- my hands, my face, baby ears, baby eyes, baby clothes. And to make it worse, P likes to spit as he eats- so the food goes EVERYWHERE. The whole experience really made me appreciate the fact that I only have to do this with one child at a time- now I know why Kate (from J&K + 8) used to act the way she did about taking care of the sextuplets. Sooooo much work.

In other news, I spent Inauguration weekend holed up in our apartment. Between the cold, the crowd and my belly, I was not going anywhere! So when Baby T asks me where I was on the historic day, I will have nothing exciting to tell her.

I'm glad today is Friday. I think we're finally buying our crib this weekend. I've been pestering S about it for the last month- I'm worried it will be backordered or something and Baby T won't have a place to sleep! I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Ha! When I saw this title, I thought you were pregnant with twins. I guess I am getting used to seeing that among my friends. (We are not having twins, FWIW.)

    I think when you have twins, you just make it work. It's not like you leave one at the hospital, right? It's just harder. ("Just" harder. Ha.)

    What kind of crib are you getting? Baby T can always sleep with you if it's backordered..if not for the dogs. (Do they sleep with you?) I'm SURE that's what you want!!